Are You Ready to Take on Bonsanuary?

Start 2021 the Bonsan way: plant-powered, simple and insanely tasty.

Bonsanuary: like Veganuary, but Bonsan style. You know we’re all about making it easier to live a plant-powered life. So us + a month dedicated to trying out a vegan lifestyle is pretty much a match made in heaven.

If a month thriving as a vegan hero converts you to the cause longer term, great! Even if not, the benefits of a single month of choosing to eschew animal products are significant. It’s a win-win.


Better blood sugar and cholesterol

Nutritionists say1 that switching to a vegan diet can reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol within a month.

Taste for fatty foods?

Even a few weeks without animal products high in salt and fat can change your taste-bud sensitivity to fats2.

Great gut

A fibre-rich diet boosts your microbiome, but make sure you’re changing up your veg too, to see profound changes diversity and gut-health within days3. Aim to try and eat 30 different types of plant a week!

Get that glow

Many Veganuary alumni claim their month of plant-based living gave them clearer skin4.

Athletic gains

At the end of their first month of vegan eating, many athletes have been so impressed by their performance, energy and recovery; they’ve decided to stay plant-powered5.


According to some seriously compelling data and statistics6, for the average person, committing to a month of plant-powered eating saves:

  • 30 furry friends
  • 620lbs of C02
  • 913ft2 of forest
  • 1370lbs of grain
  • 33,481 gallons of water

We’ll let these numbers speak for themselves.

Getting Started

Ready to take the plunge?

We’ve got you. Check out our fail-safe recipes that are packed full of nutrients and tasty enough to satisfy any vegan newbie.

The best breakfast

We can’t even with these chocolate-spread pancakes. Why did anyone ever make pancakes any other way?

Lush lunch

These roasted-veggie pittas are rich, nourishing and deeply satisfying. If you’re a little shorter on time, try this sweet potato and chilli mezzaluna pasta. Just boil, add your favourite veg and voila!


Vegan. Cookie melt. S’mores. Need we say more?

Delicious dinner

Get acquainted with the wonder of Kofu (our bestselling kombucha fermented tofu) with this sticky teriyaki kofu noodle banger. Fancy Mexican food instead? Try our flavoursome fiery jackfruit carnitas!


There’s plenty more foodspiration where that came from. And we have a whole range of organic meat alternatives, sauces, spreads and more, that are so tasty you won’t miss the animal products for a second.

Stock Up

You can find our goodies in Holland & Barrett, Ocado and Waitrose. Pop us in your online basket in The Vegan Kind supermarket and Greenbay or find us in independent health food stores like Pipoca Vegan in Brixton and Purple Carrot in Liverpool.


So, are you in? For more tips and tricks for thriving in a plant-based New Year, we’ve got a handy guide and hack sheet waiting in the wings. Get involved: Tag us on socials using #Bonsanuary.



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