How to Boss Veganuary: The Essential 3 Part Guide

Ahh Veganuary. Our favourite month! A time to welcome new friends into the fold, dust off our resolve and celebrate all things veg. New here? Welcome! We’re here with all the inspo, info and yummy products you need to make Veganuary your favourite month, too.

1. Who

Let’s start with the inspo. What do you do when you’re learning something new? Look to the pros, of course. Here are some of our faves:

theinnocentvegan’s Instagram grid is the drool-worthy food diary of dreams. Siân knows how to level up a bowl of leftovers (hint: Bonsan Organic Caesar Dressing does the trick).

Guac and Roll is our kind of food blog. Amazing recipes, vegan travel guides and eatery reviews to see you through Veganuary and beyond. And we think her tear and share hazelnut and chocolate tart might just be the best way to use a jar of Bonsan Mylk Hazelnut Cocoa Spread.

If YouTube is more your bag, check out Madeleine Olivia. She has tonnes of videos with recipes, tips, tricks and hacks and she’s posted a Top 5 Vegan Recipes video in honour of Veganuary that’s well worth checking out. With coming up to half a million subscribers, she must be doing something right!

2. How

If you’re a vegan newbie, you’re used to cooking and eating a certain way. It can feel daunting to totally overhaul that. So…don’t! There are so many animal-based food products that can simply be swapped out for vegan ones!

First up, where on earth do you find vegan goodies? Well, there are tonnes of places actually – most supermarkets do a good vegan swap and have an aisle or a section. Health food shops and whole food shops are a good bet and we love The Vegan Kind for online shopping too. The Vegan Kind is a small family business who sell 100% vegan products and give back to animal charities.

So now you know where to look, here’s a few easy swaps to make Veganuary just a little bit easier:

Breakkie: How about trying a tasty organic kofu kombucha sausage with a side of organic breakfast scramble? Or a delicious smattering of organic mylk hazelnut cocoa spread on toast?

Lunch: No need to overthink things – keep it simple but delicious with a tofuna sarnie, using our gorgeous organic kofu fishfree tofuna. If you’re after something a bit more substantial, try a hearty BBQ burrito stuffed with smoky jackfruit shreds.

Dinner: Vegan ragu and spaghetti is the perfect weekday staple for your whole family. Subtly flavoured with tomato and herbs, our ragu chunks ensure you won’t be missing meat this veganuary. If you’re hankering for something with spice, this warming Thai jackfruit massaman curry hits the spot and our Thai jackfruit cubes add a burst of flavour.

Sweet Treats: Veganuary can sometimes be a challenge if you’ve got a sweet tooth or have little ones to satisfy. Fear not Veganurers! Check out our selection of delights to keep those cravings in check – from chocolate spreads to fruity stars and tropical kisses!

Enjoy! And check out our recipe page for lots more foodspiration.

3. Where

Gone are the days where you just nibble on the veg and nuts in a restaurant. Nowadays you can chow down on a proper feast at loads of gorgeous exclusively vegan or vegan-friendly eateries.

Italian: Zizzi’s, Ask Italian, Carluccio’s, Bella Italia and Pizza Express will all do you a vegan pizza and have some delicious options on the menu, ensuring you can enjoy all three courses in veganuary style. We love Zizzi’s lentil ragu, Pizza Express’ Calzone Verdure and Carluccio’s Veganese (a vegan version of their classic Chicken Milanese!).

Asian fusion: The zingy freshness of Asian-inspired fare is no longer restricted to the omnivores because some of the UK’s best loved sushi bars are offering their classics with a vegan-friendly label now attached. In fact, both Pho and Wagamama now have their very own exclusively vegan menu with Wagamama exclaiming ‘Meat-free shouldn’t mean taste free’ (you’re darn right Wagamama!).
If it’s sushi you’re craving, Itsu have a rather lovely selection of vegan dishes, from their dragon roll to a gorgeous plate of vegetable fusion gyoza and YO! Sushi are now offering a ‘Green Wednesday’, where all ‘plant-y plates’ are £2.50.

American: Byron burger is ‘challenging the vegan stereotype’ with a very hearty-looking selection of mouth-watering burgers, GBK has a few nice options, and if you’re lucky enough to live near a Diner, they’ve rolled out the green carpet for the veeg-lovers and have a whole new menu of to-die-for American classics (YES pancakes, burgers, burritos, even philly cheese steak!).

Exclusively vegan: For an exclusively vegan experience, there are some excellent places popping up all over the UK. A quick google brings up all sorts of eateries, from breakfast to bar culture. In London we love Tell Your Friends, a vegan restaurant must!

Share your hot tips for 2020!
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