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Courgette Fritters

500g courgettes, coarsely grated
1 spring onion
1 garlic clove
Zest of half a lemon
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp fresh chopped dill
½ tbsp fresh mint, chopped
½ tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
1 tbsp capers, chopped
1 tbsp ground flax seed
¼ cup wholemeal flour or rice flour
1/8 cup breadcrumbs
Oil for frying
Bonsan Beetroot and Horseradish pate for dipping
Fresh side salad

Serves: 8 Fritters

• Add 2 tbsp of water to the flax seed. Mix well and leave in the fridge to thicken and get all gelatinous.
• Season the grated courgette with salt and place in a fine sift and let it sit for 10 minutes.
• After 30 mins, squeeze out all the liquid using a muslin cloth. You need to get rid of as much moisture as possible.
• Place the squeezed courgette in a bowl, add herbs, lemon zest, pepper, grated garlic, chopped capers and spring onions to it. Mix very well.
• Take the flax seed out of the fridge and add it into the zucchini mixture directly.
• Add enough flour and breadcrumbs to ensure that your mixture isn’t wet, yet you will still be able to form patties out of it easily.
• Put the mixture into the fridge for an hour or so that it is easier to form patties.
• Once you’ve chilled your mixture, form small patties, roughly 50 grams each, with your hands. Grab a chunk of mixture and squeeze it well in your hand first to extract even a tiny amount of excess moisture. Then proceed to form a patty.
• Heat up 1-2 cm of oil in a small pan. Once the oil is hot (but not too hot or else they will burn on the outside), place a few fritters on it and fry them without turning for about 2-3 minutes. After 2 minutes, check one of the fritters and if it’s nicely browned gently flip it to the other size and fry for the same amount of time.
• Serve with Bonsan horseradish and beetroot pate and a fresh side salad.

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