Breakfast, Dessert

Vegan Pancakes with Bonsan Plain Choco Spread

1 cup oats
1 cup plant milk
1/3 cup wholemeal flour
1 medium ripe banana
2tbsp chia seeds

To serve
Bonsan Plain Choco spread for drizzling
Fresh fruit for topping, strawberries, Blueberries…
Coconut oil for cooking

• Add all the ingredients apart from the spread, fruit and oil to a food processor and blend until fully combined, or alternatively use a whisk to blend together.
• Leave the mix to settle in the fridge for about half an hour
• Heat the oil in a non-stick pan on a medium to high heat.
• Add a couple of tablespoons of the batter to the heated pan to make a pancake shape.
• When the batter starts to bubble and is cooked though on one side, flip the pancake over.
• Cook until nice and browned and then keep in a warm oven whilst you cook the rest.
• Melt the Bonsan Choco spread briefly in the microwave, then drizzle over your stack of pancakes

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