Self Care – Vegan Style

No one can accuse today’s young people of apathy. We’re engaging in more political action and engendering more social change than ever. We’re a self-educated, impassioned bunch and we aren’t scared to Do The Work.


There’s a lot to be proud of there, but engaging in the complex, sometimes fraught, modern world can burn us out. Maybe you’re on Social, debating the merits of sustainability, or maybe you’re pounding the streets as part of a protest; either way, taking part in difficult conversations can take its toll: mentally, emotionally and physically.


The past year has seen a self care zeitgeist, no doubt. Some might argue the concept has been hijacked by savvy marketers trying to sell more products. Nevertheless, it’s a trend we welcome and continue to champion. Spending time in reflection and gratitude; taking five minutes amidst our fast-paced lifestyles to be present; allowing ourselves to ask for help and generally investing in ourselves – what could be better?


To help you in your pursuit for cruelty-free self-restoration, we’ve put together 6 vegan-friendly chill tips and tricks.

1. Support each other

Being constantly ‘on’ can mean we neglect to take the time to check in with each other. We might be continuously connected, but our busy lives can feel lonely. Take some time out with your family, your friends and your support network. Go for a coffee, have a chat – be there for others. Dropping someone a line to let them know you’re thinking about them can brighten up their day. Action for Happiness has some great resources on finding joy. Their 10 Keys to Happier Living guide is a great place to start.

2. Comfort food

A great way to feel connected to others – and to ourselves – is to share a meal. Taking the time to consider, prepare and cook a meal is a form of mindfulness in itself. Nourishing your body is improving that relationship with the self – investing in your health and wellbeing. Even better when you know you’re minimising your impact on the environment. What better way to feed body and mind than sitting down to enjoy dunking chunks of sourdough in this totally shareable Kofu Ragu Stew.

3. Shower with love

Pampering yourself is a self care dead cert. Upping your hair care game is an easy, inexpensive way to feel renewed and energised. We love Umberto Gianni, especially their Indulge collection – vegan and cruelty free, these beautiful hair masks, sprays and oils smell and feel amazing and are bound to make you feel a bit special.

4. Light it up

While you bathe, while you read, while you listen to your favourite sounds – lighting a candle = instant vibes. But did you know that most candles are not vegan? The vast majority of the standard candle – made with paraffin – is vegan, but the agent used to harden the wax (stearic acid) is often derived from animal fat. Obviously beeswax candles are a no-go for vegans, too. Fortunately, the lovely Self Care Co. do a gorgeous line in soy candles infused with essential oils. They’re vegan and eco friendly, so you can relax with peace of mind.

5. Soak it up

Clearly a bubble bath had to be in this list! Light the vegan candles, apply a face mask, get your cucumber slices on your eyes and chuck a delicious Lush bath bomb in the water. Fizzing, sparkling, moisturising or colourful – Lush do a range of bubbles and bars and bombs that are packaging-free, vegan friendly and aren’t tested on animals. Vegan self care at its most luxurious!

6. Sweet relief

What vegan self care list would be complete without the mention of a good bar of chocolate?! We’ve got lots of favourites, but we’re currently crushing on Seed & Bean’s Lavender Extra Dark. It’s delicately fragrant and feels like a moment to savour. Wait till you’ve got some alone time, or share it with a pal – take your time and feel the lavender do its thing.


And breathe…


What’s your go-to vegan self care trick? Do you treat yourself, breathe, go outdoors or maybe stay in with a good read? We’d love to hear! Share the love over on Socials #bonsanselfcare #veganselfcare

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