The Ultimate Vegan Feast: Christmas Dinner

If you’ve experimented with, or gone full blown vegan this year, Christmas might just be the most daunting prospect there is for the fledgling veganista, so here’s some tips for a great veeg-curious/flexitarian festive period…


  1. Big Breakfast.

Everyone knows xmas day has to start with scrambled eggs and a glass of bucks fizz. We’ve got you covered. Toast up slices of sourdough, slather with smashed avo, drizzle with olive oil, a pinch of chili flakes and serve with our delicious Organic Breakfast Scramble. Alternatively, try another Christmas day fave with our Vegan Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel or a sweet-tooth dream, our pancakes with choco spread (good any time of year, or day…).


Remember to do your research when buying for that breakfast tipple. Not all bubbles are created vegan, despite many of the pricier champagnes already being veeg-friendly. Nowadays you’ll find it an easy purchase though, with most supermarkets and wine stockists doing a great line in vegan prosecco or champers.


  1. The Main Event.

Christmas dinner can be a bit of a damp squib for veggies and vegans when you’re offered up some goose-fat soaked veg as a substitute for the most anticipated meal of the year. Turn things around with a dazzling centerpiece to rival the traditional fare.


Vegan Wellington is the perfect hearty alternative on xmas day. Robust, festively seasoned and spiced, crammed with flavour and texture and bursting with seasonal charm. Serve with a spoonful of cranberry sauce alongside all the usual festive side dishes.


  1. Winning with the trimmings.

It’s your lucky day because, come Christmas lunch, veg is where it’s at. And this is where you can really go to town partying up the parsnips and tarting up the spuds. Have a look through the Vegan Society’s Special Occasion recipe page for inspirational side dishes and accompaniments.


There’s more good news: ‘pigs in blankets’ are back on the menu! Grill up our Kofu Sausages, wrap them in fakon made from rice paper, chuck em back under and watch them crisp up a treat. Irresistible and plant-powered!


  1. Go off piste.

Let’s face it. The traditional roast dinner is all well and good but maybe it’s time to start a new tradition. How about side-stepping the norm and going for something a little different? A curry, with all its accoutrements is a hearty feast loved by all. Breads, veg, dips, rices, spices and that all-important shareability factor make curry a heart-warming belly pleaser on this special wintry day.


  1. Deserving desserts.

Vegan cakes and sweets recipes are all over the internet and it’s becoming simpler to whip up a raw chocolate brownie or cheesecake. Raw have a gorgeous selection of lip-smackers to satisfy veganistas, flexitarians and non-veegs alike. For something a bit different, try our chocolate vegan donuts or keep it traditional with a vegan christmas pudding or Yule Log.


  1. Party time.

Of course, Christmas isn’t just about one meal, it’s an excuse for a week-long party of feasting and indulging, right? Use the Bonsan spreads and pate selection when it’s time for chrimbo crudités, throw in some delicious crispbreads for dipping and scooping, whip up some wedges and nachos and invite everyone to wear christmas jumpers, naturally.


How are you celebrating this year? What’s your failsafe vegan festive feast? Share your ideas and recipes with us on Insta, Facebook or Twitter.


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