Vegan Eating: 10 Little-Known Benefits

So we know we’ve mentioned the Big Three reasons for going plant powered once or twice (in case you missed it, the lowdown is that a vegan diet is great news for the environment, for animals and for you).

It’s a compelling trilogy of an argument. But there are other reasons veganism is the fastest growing lifestyle movement right now – benefits that don’t get as much press.

Read on for 10 of the many reasons that getting your vegan on is living your best life.

  1. Learning

While we’re the first to tell you eating a full and balanced vegan diet is totally doable, it helps to be familiar with what human nutritional needs actually are. Going vegan therefore usually involves some learning: what we need, how to source those nutrients from plants, how to spot an animal product in an ingredients list… It’s basically a qualification.

  1. Creativity

With your newfound knowledge, you get to exercise your creativity. Making meals that are plant-based, flavourful and balanced is fun! The bonus is that you’re getting creative with foods that are more likely to be good for you: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

  1. Lifespan

According to some studies, non-meat eaters are likely to live significantly longer than their carnist counterparts. Good news if you’d like a good innings.

  1. Debating

Long-time vegans can attest to the fact that justifying their eating habits (as plant-based eaters are so often prompted to do) has been great for honing their debating skills. We’re not fans of confrontation but we do love a well-reasoned, respectful discussion. Check out our other blogs for good debate fodder.

  1. Intimacy

There are a number of ways veganism is said to boost bedroom life, including increased libido and improved blood flow. But even without the science, what’s sexier than someone who’s compassionate?

  1. Food safety

Cooking and freezing plants come with fewer risks than dealing with animal products. You’re less likely to get sick and less likely to disastrously under/overcook your plant-based foodstuffs, hooray!

  1. Good company

The growing list of celebrity vegans is quite the who’s who. From Michelle Pfeifer to Natalie Portman; Joaquin Phoenix to Leonardo di Caprio, many famous role models are lauding the positive effect going plant-powered has had on their lives.

  1. Happy hunting

When your hunting tools are a shovel and a bucket, life looks simpler. You can easily get in on gathering your own food, whether it be from your windowsill (herbs love the shelter and light) or foraged in the countryside – chestnuts and rosehips are everywhere at this time of year, just be careful to forage responsibly.

  1. Getting and staying slim

If weight is something you’re concerned about, it might be of interest that vegans are the only population who can, on average, boast a healthy BMI. The dietary fat from meat and dairy is converted into body fat more readily than the calories from carbohydrates, and plants simply tend to be less calorie dense.

  1. Vegan solidarity

There are few nicer things than witnessing a vegan clock another vegan. The instant kinship and excitement might be explained by the fact that, although fast-growing, veganism remains a minority lifestyle (for now!). It’s like being part of a special club. Or perhaps it’s because vegans are often just lovely, values-driven people.


What do you think of our alternative list of vegan benefits? Did we miss anything major or are you nodding in agreement? Have we left you wanting in on the plant-gang fun? Feel free to let us know on our social channels, share for those who are missing out and check out our products and recipes for vegan inspiration.

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