Veganism: A Global Movement

78 million: the approximate number of vegans on Earth. And that’s likely a conservative estimate. And that figure was estimated before this years bumper Veganuary. Whoa.

Global Roots

While veganism has boomed over the past 5 years, it’s by no means new. The term ‘vegan’ itself was coined here in the UK in 1944, but plant-based eating can be traced waaay back and much further afield.

We’re talking Ancient Egypt, when Pharaoh Akhenaten banned animal sacrifice2. And India, where early Jain Pārśva taught the ways of Ahimsa: non-violence to all living creatures3. Ancient Greek Pythagoras was another famous advocate of a vegetarian diet4.

China5, Japan6 and Jamaica7, to name a few, all saw vegan practices long before Veganuary was a twinkle in the eye. And they still do!

Worldwide Inspo

As veganism expands as a worldwide movement, it has become easier than ever to be part of the vegang. Accessibility to ingredients, recipes and different cuisines continues to get better, not to mention inspiration we can take from all over the globe!

NB this list is far from exhaustive. Enter any country name plus the word ‘vegan’ into a hashtag search and you’re bound to discover some mouth-watering treasure!

1)     UK

With Vegans and Vegetarians set to make up a quarter of the population by 20258, we’re a country on the turn.

Try: A full English of course! Breakfast of champions made even better with our Breakfast Scramble and Kofu Sausages.

2)     USA and Canada

North America is close behind us on hitting the ‘net for all things plant-based. And they’re blazing a trail with a variety of veganised classics from NYC-style topped bagels to southern soul food.

Try: Either (both!) of the above, or gather round a campfire and go sweet with our take on S’mores.

3)     India

It’s estimated over 19% of Indians are vegan, with a further 22% practising vegetarianism9.

Try: This spiced Cauliflower and Kofu. Want to make it into a curry? Just add a tin of coconut milk! Psst – our Ghee is brilliant for veganising lots of Indian dishes!

4)     Mexico

With a cuisine famed for its creative use of beans and spices, veganising Mexican recipes is often easier than you might think. Pass the gauc!

Try: Our version of Huevos Rancheros (‘ranch eggs’, but no chickens in sight!).

5)     Greece

Greece’s main religion, Christian Orthodox, involves periods of abstaining from animal products. It’s no wonder Greek-inspired vegan food is easy to come by.

Try: meat-free Kebabs to rival the original.

6)     Japan

Emperor Tenmu banned the consumption of meat back in the 7th Century – veganism is nothing new to Japan!

Try: Vegan Onigirazu (Sushi Sandwiches). Just. So. Good.

7)     Ethiopia

Thanks to the abundance of vegetable life in Ethiopia, many traditional dishes are plant-based.

Try: Alicha Duba Wot (pumpkin with turmeric) atop some injera.


Which cuisine do you want to try next? Don’t forget to tag us in your delicious creations on Instagram!



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