Why Choose Organic?

What is organic?

Well, there isn’t a global definition, as governing bodies certify under different criteria, but there are a few important distinctions ALL organically certified products have to hit to make the grade.

First up, what organic food production does not involve:

  • No GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • No synthetic pesticides
  • No chemical fertilisers
  • No routine use of antibiotics

And what organic producers strive to incorporate:

  • Traditional methods (e.g. crop rotation and naturally occurring biological processes)
  • Natural fertilisers (food waste or manure)
  • Free range for animals
  • Havens for wildlife

Planet pleaser

Organically produced food and products make our little blue ball a much happier place. The toll on the landscape is reduced when we farm with the soil and wildlife and in mind. Carbon emissions are less, thanks to organic soil being able to store excess carbon (to the equivalent of taking one million cars off the road).

Organic farming has been shown to be kinder to the pollinators, which are crucial to our food cycle and sustainability on earth. And by using organic methods of fertilization and pest control, the soil and water contamination is lowered, lessening the impact on wildlife and habitat.

Is it healthier?

Research has yielded varied results but several studies found organic food contains more antioxidants (and we just can’t get enough of those lovely antioxidants!). There is a significantly lower level of pesticide residue on organic produce so getting your 5 a day the organic way can avoid any harmful toxins and chemicals finding their way into you and your family’s systems. Organic food is also grown for longer and allowed to ripen naturally, without the use of synthetic growth promoters.

Organic Options

Organic fruit and veg options are now widely available in supermarkets, as too are some store cupboard staples like beans, ketchup and mustard. But finding products that are vegan, organic and convenient can be a bind for the conscious consumer, which is why we have a range of super useful foodie things for you to stock up on.

Snacks, meat alternatives, sweets and condiments are all here in our products pages and you can pick ‘em up at your fave foodie hang-outs (Ocado, Planet Organic, The Vegan Kind Supermarket, Wholefoods to name but a few). Have a gander at our recipe page, choose a mouth watering dish and get started with your organic and vegan feast!


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